AULOS software models interconnected open and closed channels

AULOS - Hydraulic Modelling Software for Engineers

The most common engineering design approaches to making water flow where it is wanted and stopping it from flowing elsewhere are highly conservative, so projects in the million-dollar range fail, or cost far more than they should. 

Use AULOS to do accurate, fast environmental hydraulic modelling!

  • AULOS is an advanced hydraulic modelling system with uses in urban drainage, flood management, and hydro-electric generation.
  • AULOS offers unique features which allow it to works with single seamless models of networks of open channels and pipes.
  • AULOS is both accurate and fast
  • AULOS models complex situations
  • AULOS solutions will save you money


 Why prefer AULOS?

AULOS  offers unique features which allow it to work with single seamless models of networks of open channels and pipes, and to model complex situations. Furthermore, AULOS is not only accurate but it is often an order of magnitude faster than competitors.  AULOS models do this by using algorithms that incorporate conservation of energy requirements, as well as the conservation of momentum and mass requirements used by more common software. This means that you can specify flow through open channels, pipes and even overland flow, all in one model, without artificial constructs such as non-existent manholes, and without trying to combine several different models that cannot logically interact.

After many years of commercial release of AULOS, the directors of HYDRA software, owner of the AULOS program, decided in 2013 that the main engine of AULOS should be available at no charge, so that the widest possible user base can be obtained. There will be some charges for optional add ons that serious users will find to be convenient to use, but the full potential of the modelling engine is available in the free download.

We hope that in this way the world hydraulic modelling community will learn that it is possible to model complex linked open and closed channel flow systems in much shorter times than the software they currently use, with results that have been shown to agree with theoretical and experimental results.

Go to the software downloads page to see the software that we have provided, and please let us know what you think of it by using the form on the Contact us page.

Examples of projects which have already benefitted from the accurate design data provide by AULOS are:

  • urban drainage systems
  • sewerage networks
  • waste treatment works
  • town water supply reticulation
  • river flood protection
  • coastal protection against storm waves and tsunami
  • harbour developments
  • river and harbour bridges
  • irrigation schemes
  • rural drainage systems